Newt: Salamander of the Pleurodelinae subfamily that alternates terrestrial and aquatic habits throughout the year. These newts have the ability to self-regenerate the damaged parts of its body.

Ask yourself three questions to find out if the BCNewt Coworking Space is your solution: Are you an entrepreneur or a young company? Do you want to interact with other professionals, from different sectors, to share knowledge? Do you believe in an efficient and environmentally friendly work organization? If your answer is yes, you should know that you are one of us – a newter.

More than 100 known species of salamanders are found in North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia. The salamanders make the metamorphosis in three stages of development throughout their life: aquatic larva, juvenile terrestrial (eft), and adult.

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Also, if you are an already established company, do not stay out. BCNewt is open to established businesses who are seeking alternative spaces to start their corporate dynamics in a more creative environment, or to stimulate innovation to develop human talent. Even if it is a timely need. More and more companies are looking for original sites because of the lack of space and to encourage their members to grow and learn in a productive and collaborative environment. BCNewt coworking can offer you all of that!

The adult newts have a lizard-like body and return to the water every year to reproduce, live in moisture and cover their terrestrial habits.


BCNewt is more than a place to think, share, and work. It is a project committed to the collaborative culture and the environment. In each action we take and in each service we give, we intend to implement our values.


Good sense is paramount when using resources. We are aware that our impact on the planet must be the minimum.


Working together in collaborative processes allows us to achieve great goals. Community members can become your partners.


Mentoring, counseling, contacts, and training are intangible resources that entrepreneurs and emerging companies also need to thrive.


The barriers, physical or social, cease to be in the community. We work so that every entrepreneur develops with the same opportunities.


Words are nothing if they are not backed by facts.


The continuous changes in the urban fabric of Barcelona leaves some areas forgotten. We look for places in post-industrial areas and behind the tourist postcard to give them a new life.


Each of our spaces has been created with recycled materials, such as wood, glass, furniture and even decorative elements, double effort that is worth investing in the environment.


100% of the energy resources in our spaces come from renewable sources. In addition, we have suppliers that guarantee the good treatment of waste, as well as a job exit to people with special needs


Through the Association Coworking de Catalunya (Cowocat), we promote the values ​​of the coworking movement, throughout the local, national and international territory. We do it through initiatives of social inclusion and actions of support to the entrepreneurs.


Among the 100 coworkers that BCNewt can host in its 400m2, the opportunities are endless!

BCNewt offers resources for professionals and businesses, which go beyond a printer and a fast Wi-Fi connection. It also offers the opportunity to work in a community, build new relationships, establish valuable collaborations, and continuous training through meetings with experts from the community.

We share these ideals in a living community, in which you can find other people, who can give you an idea, a project, a client or a skill, that isolated at home you would not have. Also, we participate in the rest of our projects and offer our experiences to create positive synergies with which to grow all.

70% of coworkers cooperate or exchange services.

80% of stable coworkers say they have acquired new skills.

50% of the coworkers are local and the other 50% are expatriates.

80% have increased their incomes while staying at BCNewt.

BCNewt Coworking SL 2022

The first coworking space 100% sustainable in Barcelona.

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