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Employee retention is a company’s ability to keep its employees and talent. 

Considering that the loss of an employee cost 6-9 months of his salary on average, know the retention rate is crucial for business costs.

Why employees leave?

Inadequate salary and benefits; carelessness of management (lack of recognition, limitated opportunities for career advancement or development); psychosocial factors (need of a better work life balance, boredom, desire to make a change, feeling overworked).

We guarantee 2 years of employee retention

Retention issues?

Share your problems with us and we will find the best solution



Office + Training + Activities

In addition to our space, we offer training session and outdoor experiences like boat trips, city trips and mountain tours to share and be part of our community.


Office + Accommodation

Specifically for shorter stays (convention, exhibition) we’ll get you accommodation and our spaces.

How can we retain your talents?

By our community and networking we can support your work team on different issues:

Soft Skills development

Onboarding, orientation, feedback on performance

Flexible hours and perks for members

Recognition and reward

Worklife balance through activities, events, workshops

Our coworkers’ upgrading

New skills 80%
Income increase 75%
Exchange services 70%

Further data on retention

According to the Society of Human Resources Management 70% of companies losts employees, therefore is essential a well-defined strategy for human resources management. 

It has to do with recruiting, hiring, onboarding employees and develop their potential. For instance, the 2021 LinkedIn Worplace Learning Report claims that investing in professional development encourages up to the 94% of the workforce stays longer and 68% prefer to learn at work.

In addition, a strong onboarding process for new hires improve their retention rate by 82% (Glassdoor). 

“Flexibility” is another important concept regarding retention, in fact, 74% of employees say that remote work options would make them less likely to leave their company.


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