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“The high demand for digital talent has triggered wages”

By October 11, 2019Interviews, Servicios

Many professionals with technological and digital talent pass through our coworking space in Poblenou every day. But some companies do not know how to find them, or simply, they have turned to traditional search channels without results. So we have decided to offer a solution to this problem, through our network of collaborators, such as Interfell, the IT talent recruitment and recruitment platform. This initiative seeks to add value to the coworking experience, both for companies and professionals.

Daniel Juarez, director of Interfell, shared the details of this collaboration for our blog.

Tell us what Interfell can bring to the BCNewt Coworking community?

Interfell can contribute to the BCNewt community its entrepreneurial experience in remote work models and its recruitment services, talent scouting outsourcing (or staffing) as providers of technology and marketing talents.

Can you give us more details about Interfell services?

Interfell’s main service is the Recruitment, Recruitment and HR Management of IT personnel working remotely. Through our web platform we publish the job offer and with the support of our recruiters we select the best talents. Next we initiate selection processes tailored to the client and we subcontract the chosen talent available to the client. Then we support the legal, administrative and HR management of contracting. Interfell’s new service in Barcelona is the Talent Hunting or HeadHunting service. We take care of attracting talent locally for companies. You can only charge for the Headhunting service (One time) or you can charge monthly the cost of talent as a Consultant.

What are the advantages of hiring IT talent remotely with Interfell?

The advantages are access to a host of high quality talents present in the IT ecosystem of Latin America. In turn, the rates are surely quite competitive compared to the final costs of local talent.

What trends have you detected in the city of Barcelona?

The startup ecosystem is breaking into the city with force and this has made the recruitment of trained talent in Barcelona increasingly difficult and competitive. The high demand for digital talent has caused wages to skyrocket and increased turnover and mobility of talents in the city. Companies that have strong sources of financing are absorbing most professionals and this is taking away possibilities for small businesses.

What are the new challenges in hiring and talent management for IT companies in Barcelona?

Companies must deal with the new expectations of talent in the industry. For the most part, talents want to work from home or in places that offer possibilities of flexibility and mobility. Talents await recognition and freedom.

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