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“Marine conservation is a very distant field for the business world”

By June 14, 2019Cowocat

Patricia Martí Puig (Alicante, 1985) is a BCNewt’s member passionate about marine conservation. After a decade of research, she feel the need to bring her knowledge to private companies, as a consultant at Oceanogami. In addition, she is very smart, having been the first person to benefit from the agreement between Cowocat and Pimec, which allows her to have a flexible workspace in our coworking in very, very favorable conditions.

What was your employment situation when you started the Pimec’s Emppersona program?

I was creating my start-up and I had not yet registered as single entrepreneur.

Was marine conservation as matter of consultancy, a novelty for the Pimec’s advisers?

Yes, marine conservation is a very distant field for the business world, especially in our country. It was difficult, and still is, to explain what I do and what value it has for a company.

What is the Oceanogami’s value proposition?

Oceanogami is an international consultancy specialized in the marine environment that works for the sustainability of the oceans. Oceanogami helps citizens, governments and companies, to improve their marine environmental co-responsibility. For example, solving the problem of plastics and the management of marine areas. We strive to strengthen the commitment among companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, research centers and other institutions to maintain sustainable oceans. One of the impacts that we are focusing on at the moment is the problem of marine debris and plastics that is affecting from shallow areas to deep oceans to all organisms including humans. For this we work with companies offering training, immersive experiences in the problem of plastics, citizen science campaigns and meetings to generate solutions to this local and global problem.

Are there more entrepreneurship opportunities for other researchers like you specialized in the marine field?

Currently there are many opportunities and support for entrepreneurship. Our field is very new to entrepreneurship and we should offer more aid for blue and green economy projects. Before dedicating myself to the start-up, I devoted myself to research in the field of marine conservation for more than a decade. For me, entrepreneurship and the world of the company has been like leaving my fish tank to the open sea. I still find that there is a lot of disconnection between the research sector and businesses.

marine conservation

How did you come to the conclusion that you needed to develop your activity in a coworking space?

I used to combine work from home, in coffee shops, and I have one where I was already a regular customer, and traveling. But it is difficult to focus if you do not have a fixed, silent site, to help you to be more routine and also shared with entrepreneurs like you, from whom you can learn a lot and who are dedicated to very different fields. This last year and a half with my start-up has been very enriching, in particular thanks to the help offered by Pimec providing me a solution for a co-working office.

How does sharing a workspace that also promotes sustainability, like BCNewt, enrich you?

Yes, that was my main motivation to choose this place. The place where you work must be consistent with what you are selling in your company, and it must be consistent with your values. There were other offices near my house, but none that promote sustainability like BCNewt.

What kind of skills have you acquired thanks to the experience of sharing a workspace?

I have learned a lot from other companies and experiences. Also, I have received very good advice that has helped me to my stage of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs have much in common, such as motivation for what you do and creativity.

Could you compare the environment in a shared workspace with other more conventional offices where you have previously worked?

Where I have previously worked we were a research team to a very specific niche of marine conservation. It is a very specialized environment and a lot of learning. With that being said, for me it is more enriching when you also mix with people from other disciplines.

You were born and grew up in Poblenou. What are the advantages that an entrepreneur can find in this neighborhood? On the other hand, what are the aspects that could be improved?

I was born in Alicante, but I grew up in Vila Olímpica, Poblenou, where I went to school and high school. Now this neighborhood has changed a lot. The entrepreneurial spirit is seen and felt. There are many coworking offices, accelerators, new restaurants… it is very enriching. From my point of view the neighborhood has improved a lot, but it is important that a balance can be maintained between the usual Poblenou and the new Poblenou.


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