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Coworking in Barcelona, coworking in BCNewt

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What can coworking in Barcelona and BCNewt offer you?

The rules of the working world are no longer the same as they were ten years ago. What we know today as entrepreneurs, freelancers and coworkers are the new spearhead of an initiative that is fully inserted in the demand for contemporary work: collaborative, foundational, creative and innovative. The truth is that the paradigm has been broken and every day the number of professionals who abandon the classic office to venture into the already consolidated world of coworkingis increasing. In these spaces, the only obligation is to give free rein to ideas and find in the community and communication a way to generate the best of themselves.

But what happens when we are already part of a coworking community and we want to renew our ideas? More and more coworkers are choosing to settle in countries where not only are living costs more affordable, but also offer a much more enriching work and life ecosystem. So, as the lines separating lifestyle and work become blurred to the point of integrating the one with the other, coworking spaces are becoming the main haunts for realizing the great dream of saying: my way of life is my work.

Anyway, we are not going to deny it, talking about this is the same as talking about Barcelona, a special place that can boast of being one of the most attractive cities in the world to live and work. Why do we say that? Beach, mountain, social, cultural and working life, active and leading at European and international level, wonderful people from all over the world. If your idea is to change your environment and reinvent yourself as a professional, keep reading, we want to tell you what Barcelona and BCNewt can offer you to turn that idea into a reality.

Take our word for it, Barcelona is an open city. Sun, landscapes that give pleasure, the sea breeze coming from the Mediterranean coast. At BCNewt we believe that the best ideas do come at the most unexpected moments. In other words, you don’t have to spend eight hours in front of the computer to be creative – quite the opposite. Before you read on, imagine you are walking around the city. You leave home and decide that today you will take your Bicing ride Your first stop will be Ciutadella Park (kind of like Barcelona’s Central Park). Here, you have to let yourself be carried away by the green spaces of this park-museum that exists as a lung for the city. You can relax, stroll or just lie back and contemplate everything around you.

Ciutadella Park waterfall Bé Cultural d'Interès Local (BCIL)

Cascada del Parque de la Ciutadella © Bé Cultural d’Interès Local (BCIL)

Of course, if you are more interested in being in a secluded natural space, the mountain of Montjüic is the ideal place. Although the ascent exhausts more than one, the prize of reaching the top of the hill translates into the Botànic garden, Pavelló Mies van der Rohe, the cultural space CaixaForum or the constructions made for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, four installations that have something for everyone and that will give free rein to your creativity.


After a good hour of thought refreshment, a visit to the district and central public libraries offers much more than you might think.

Library of Catalunya © Josep Renalias

Library of Catalunya © Josep Renalias

Barcelona has some forty libraries, where the number of users has been growing steadily since 1998, according to an article published inEl País. On the other hand, the National Library of Catalonia, founded in 1907 and opened to the public in 1914, has an immense archive in all fields of knowledge. Its 15th century Gothic architecture and design will be a source of inspiration for many. Membership is completely free of charge for both the Biblioteca Nacional and municipal libraries, and all that is required is a membership card to gain full access to the bibliographic, music and video archives.

After spending a few hours in the park and nature, and another time visiting the shelves full of knowledge in the city’s libraries, Barcelona has an infinite number of spaces dedicated to culture and leisure. In them you will not only cultivate your thinking or ideas, but you will also be introduced to a whole world. You will have at your disposal the exhibitions, exhibits and discussions programmed by the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), an essential space for all those interested in the current debate; the cinemas of the Filmoteca de Catalunya, a space that, at low prices (3 euros per ticket), shows cycles of the best national and international films; or the Museum of Contemporary Art de Barcelona (MACBA).

CCCB, by Cecilia Rey; MACBA; Filmoteca de Catalunya, by Kippelboy

CCCB, by Cecilia Rey; MACBA; Filmoteca de Catalunya, by Kippelboy

The offer extends much further. From your cell phone, taking advantage of the Wi-Fi connection enabled by the Barcelona City Council in much of the city, you can check the pages of Le Cool, Barcelona-Metropolitan or Time Out. In them you will find a great list of things to do and musts in Barcelona. Are you interested in cinema, literature, theater, music? Or are you more into partying and going out for drinks and want to know which clubs and bars are making waves? These digital billboards put it all just a click away.

Your last stop after your Bicing tour of the city is the BCNewt offices. The coworking facility provides 24/7 access to its coworkers. So you go in, make yourself comfortable (where? Sofa, hammock? You decide) and start creating. You download the photos and videos from your camera or mobile to your computer, you write a new blog entry, you design that idea that lit up like a light bulb in your head while you were moving between the Ciutadella Park and Montjüic, or among the books and archives of the National Library of Catalonia or your visit to the talk of an entrepreneur at the CCCB. In addition, you know that just a few steps away from our offices, another world of possibilities opens up for you.

Barcelona is a city that is constantly designing itself. If you want to renew your ideas and experience new sensations, we are sure that here you will find the new adventure you are looking for. At BCNewt we just want to make things even easier for you 😉


What are you waiting for? Let’s cowork!

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