With the arrival of the pandemic, working from home seemed to be a great opportunity to be able to ‘work more comfortably’, and perhaps this could have seemed particularly beneficial at first. The home environment, which initially offered us a small oasis of peace, has now become too cramped: of course, we love our children, our partner, our parents, our housemates but… isn’t it exhausting to work and spend all day with them? 

How can we focus on work and still be able to disconnect at the same time?

After two years of working from home perhaps we are beginning to feel overwhelmed, listless, lacking in initiative and unmotivated?

Well, research shows just that… and there’s even a name for this stressful situation: burnout.

It literally means ‘to be burnt out’ and is in fact a syndrome characterized by emotional exhaustion, detachment, apathy, and frustration. Certainly these symptoms alone cannot be attributed to burnout, but can be considered as warning signs leading to this condition.

According to studies collected in this New York Times article, the physical symptoms can include chronic fatigue, increased heart rates and elevated cortisol levels.

Moreover, it is not enough to identify the physical and psychological symptoms but it is a syndrome that develops in stages: 

  • The first phase starts with an idealistic enthusiasm for work that leads the person to the extent of sacrificing personal life, family and other interests.
  • In the second phase, the subject continues to work but realizes that his/her needs are not fully satisfied by work, and a gradual sense of disappointment sets in.
  • The third phase is characterized by a sense of frustration and uselessness with regard to the work done.
  • The fourth phase takes the form of both practical and emotional disengagement: rejection of work and apathy.

It should be noted that the diagnosis of burnout must be recognised by professionals, as it is a form of work-related stress.

The question is: how can one avoid burnout?

To prevent remote work burnout, there are several activities and good habits we can undertake which are explained in this Forbes article and in this post of United Nations:

  • Reduce stress: completing relaxation and awareness exercises, respecting one’s own needs, exercising self-awareness;
  • Promoting work-life balance: establishing boundaries between work and private life, managing one’s time properly; 
  • Communicating the state of mind with colleagues and superiors looking for their support;
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle: disconnect from electronic devices; spending time in the open air; keep motivated through creative stimulation.
  • Increasing flexibility and autonomy in the workplace

So not only has the home environment become oppressive, but too many hours in front of screens and cell phones can cause a sense of loneliness and sadness.

How can one cope with all these negative emotions?

Surely the first thing to do is to socialize, not only outside of work, but also in the work space. And what could be the right place to combine work and socialization? Definitely a coworking office

The picture below shows one of our actions at BCNewt coworking to promote socialisation and sharing in the working environment.

Coworking spaces, in fact, offer excellent opportunities for networking, sharing ideas, and even making new friends. In addition, the benefits that can be gained from the exchange of knowledge can increase creativity and productivity levels.

Since these spaces are usually very flexible in terms of hours and rates, they offer an excellent alternative to working at home and a better work-life balance

The advantage of choosing coworking not only improves the individual worker emotionally and productively but can also provide a certain economic benefit to companies… how? 

Imagine a work team in a new environment, with new inputs, new interactions, exchanging knowledge and services. How many new skills could that work team develop? 

Quite a lot. And all of us know,  as also reported by the LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning Report, how important it is today to embrace a vision of long-life learning. 

Not convinced? Take a look at this data…

If we assume that 94% of the workforce stays longer if a company invests in professional development (LinkedIn Workplace Report) and that 74% of employees say that remote work options would make them less likely to leave their company (Glassdoor), the idea of entrusting a work team to a coworking office that offers growth and development seems quite appealing.

Additionally, considering that 70% of companies’ lost employees can cost on average 6-9 months of his or her salary, from this perspective, the economic benefit for the company is clear: increased employee retention and decreased turnover.

This is exactly what we have been working on at BCNewt coworking for the last few years: how to help companies retain talent.

With our community and networking skills, we can support your work team in developing soft skills, and our coworker data shows a growth rate of 80% through activities, events, and workshops where we encourage work-life balance; lastly, through performance feedback mechanisms and mutual recognition systems, a 70% exchange of services between coworkers is ensured. 

This is how we guarantee a two-year employee retention in our coworking space.

In conclusion, working remotely is challenging. But, it might be less stressful in a coworking space where you can manage your own time and socialize when you feel overwhelmed from pandemics and working-from-home burnout!

delivery waste


People are choosing food delivery more than ever, and reducing delivery waste is something we could all look to as a small step to a more sustainable life. Ecological problems are arising rapidly as time goes by, and it is becoming more obvious that some things need to change and better habits need to be made. With that in mind, delivery waste might be of key importance.


Idea of zero delivery waste business

I have been trying for years to reduce my environmental impact and my use of plastic. I am very conscious of the impact of human beings on the planet. To tell the truth, I have gone through this state of “Eco-anxiety” several times. I saw all the bad things that were happening and had an impression that nothing I could do would improve the situation.

Because of that, my friends and I decided to take action two years ago. We wanted to start a project that would focus on reducing the use of plastic. Even though this did not result in a viable business, it was the seed planted in my head. After that, I started the plan to launch wezero: a store where you could do all your shopping without any plastic packaging – a zero waste delivery shop. In July 2020, I started with the market research. I made a business plan, took some surveys in Barcelona, and finally, the official launch of wezero was around April – May 2021. All in all, it took around nine months of preparation.

The Cambra de Comerç helped me a lot in this process. They accompanied me during the development of the business plan, the financial plan, the search for a logistic solution, and the creation of the company itself (S.L.). Their help was very valuable, and I thank them a lot for that.



Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.


Objavu dijeli wezero (@wezeroshop)

Obstacles for zero waste businesses

I have to admit, it wasn’t all so smooth. During development we had two major difficulties. 

The first problem we had was integration between the payment terminal and the website. I chose Redsys as a payment terminal, as it is widely recognized and more affordable compared to other payment terminals like Stripe. The integration with WooCommerce was not easy at all, and it seemed to be like that because of Redsys’ complexity. Although it was difficult to implement, today I am very happy with that choice and the cost really has nothing to do with it.

Another problem we encountered was package return management in woocommerce. Today it seems like there is no suitable solution for stores that work with a circular model. It is very difficult to track the packaging of an order and return the deposit in a simple way.  We have looked at payment plugins as well, but they didn’t provide a suitable solution either. Now we are working with a free woocommerce plugin, but we manage container deposit returns manually. At the moment it’s going well because wezero is still a new and small business, but we know that it won’t be sustainable forever.

In terms of logistics, I was looking for a very specific partner: a company where I could store food and non-food products and a place where I could do order picking. Ideally it would be integrated with “green” deliveries, i.e. on bicycles or electric motorcycles. At the beginning I couldn’t find anyone with these specific characteristics. Luckily, after a couple of months of talking to friends and people I knew, I managed to find a company which matched these requirements exactly. 



Progressing the business

In the coming months we plan to focus our growth in the B2B (Business to Business) field and expand the area of our zero waste delivery. Later on, we aim to grow through Spain. Although, for that we still have to define the logistics solution, i.e., an economically viable solution that will follow our line of sustainability. We don’t want to send pasta in a Kraft bag in a truck that uses Diesel.


Advice For Sustainable Businesses

As I mentioned already, starting and developing a sustainable business is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. That is why I want to share some advice for all the entrepreneurs who are considering starting a project in the sustainability field.

At the beginning of a project, it is very important to talk to potential customers or users. This is true for any project, but even more so in the sustainability field. Someone who is convinced that they want to do their part to make the world more sustainable should not forget that their customers will have certain needs and requests. Because of that, you want to keep in mind that promoting a product or service that people don’t need or are less comfortable with will not change their consumption habits. 

Therefore, when launching a project, it is essential to make sure that we solve problems that exist, not push something that nobody wants. I also believe it’s key to provide a service that is more convenient than the normal service. Taking the example of Too Good To Go – a service which reduces food waste. What makes it so successful is not that they have a super sustainable model, but that they bring a value that didn’t exist before: food at reduced prices, close to home. At wezero, we offer flexible delivery in as little as 6 hours, and taking care of the collection, cleaning, and reuse of the packaging. All our customers have to do is put the jars in their cupboards. Not even going to the supermarket is that easy!


Reactions to wezero

I am very happy and proud to say that people’s reactions to this have been very positive so far. We see a lot of interest every time we talk about wezero. However, we are aware that changing consumer habits doesn’t happen overnight. It seems to us that it will take longer to achieve a high and loyal customer base, but we are ready for that and look forward to our next steps.



Emprendedores contra el Coronavirus Barcelona

The global public health situation is a great challenge for entrepreneurs, owing to the Covid-19 crisis. Our community wants to do our bit to make it easier to resume your activities. Further to the extended economic disruption, which began in Spain on 13 March, now we can all start to make a difference. Therefore, we are making the following resources available to freelancers and companies until 15 December 2020.

Workspace offer

If you are self-employed, to support you, we are offering a discount of 50% on our monthly rates if you sign up for three months. We offer both flexible and fixed solutions, so you can finally work outside your home. At the end of the three months, you will not be under any obligation to stay, you are free to unsubscribe. In addition, we are not only providing our help to entrepreneurs post coronavirus. We would also like to support companies, who will have free access to the workspace for one month, regardless of the number of workers.

Free web hosting

The lockdown has given us the time to launch a new service that we had been putting off due to our busy timetables. This service provides sustainable web hosting plans using our own servers located in Germany and the United States. We have chosen to work with data centres that invest in reducing energy consumption and apply low carbon dioxide (CO2) emission criteria in website development and maintenance. This is because internet traffic emits greenhouse gases. Our web hosting plans will be free for the first six months if you sign up before September 15, 2020. What is more, if your business is related to sustainability, you can benefit from this offer at any time.

Discovering technological talent

The world of work can no longer function without technology. For this reason, IT professionals are in high demand, which makes them hard to find. Our community of entrepreneurs includes members specialised in recruiting and managing technology professionals. With their help, we have designed a new service to help you find the people who are perfect for your projects.

Telework in Barcelona

Telework in Barcelona, ​​also known as remote working, has become a common practice in many companies around the world. Thanks to advances in technology, it is becoming easier to work from home, for example, and perhaps never go to the office of the company for which you perform certain tasks, which may be on the other side of the planet.

On the other hand, for many companies it is very useful to be able to offer this modality, since it allows them to reduce office or infrastructure costs. However, in the case of Spain, according to the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE), only 27% of companies allow teleworking.

Despite this, the growth of this new work culture has had a great boost, due to the entire crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies and organizations are looking for new ways to make teleworking a reality, with the help of experts like the Remote Work Association. However, with all the benefits of this modality, new challenges also come and those responsible for human talent will have to face it so that it really gives good results both for the company and for people.

What is the culture of telework?

To understand the culture of teleworking, not only do you have to modify traditional work beliefs, you also have to adjust certain aspects of our daily life to master the entire process that involves moving from the office to the home. According to Javier Pastor, editor at Xataka: “working from home is (or should be), just like working from anywhere else in terms of rhythms and productivity.”

In order to be productive and have a good work rhythm, you have to be very responsible with the hours, work spaces and interactions with other people, or with distraction agents that may affect your work rhythm and productivity. Taking on the challenges of separating personal time from work is important, because doing everything at home makes it very easy to overcome the limits between one and the other. Free time as a result of eliminating travel, for example, can be used for personal growth, such as sports or continuous training.

The culture of teleworking affects the entire organization as a whole. Establishing concrete goals and objectives for each area is a primary task. Thus, each person and department will be very clear about their responsibilities, without the need to waste time in redundant meetings or diversion with irrelevant tasks. In remote work, the methodology by objectives takes on a special role, and not the schedule, which implies a transformation of leadership by those responsible for the company.

The benefits of telework

There are many benefits when you start to apply this modality correctly and efficiently, both for the worker and for the company.

In the case of workers, the benefits start from deciding what their work schedule will be and how to approach the separation of time for personal events or other types of activities, to being able to control the environment to their liking to be more comfortable and thus be much more efficient.

Another important aspect, especially if you live in a busy city, is having to avoid getting to your workplace. Using public transportation or spending money on fuel can be determining factors for many workers.

In the case of the company, the benefits are also extensive. According to Business Insider magazine, “business can benefit from the fact that teleworking professionals. By having more freedom to organize their own lives, as well as an evident increase in the balance between work and the personal sphere, productivity tends to increase ”

In addition, the reduction of office, energy, food and maintenance expenses is significant and in some cases it can be the factor that helps many SMEs to stay afloat and save costs. For large companies it also represents a way to reduce costs and risks within their offices.

The challenges of teleworking

Each enterprise has its challenges and its difficulties, remote work is no different. For many companies the transition may not be easy or smooth, these are some of the challenges that can arise in teams when performing remote work tasks:

  • Digital tools: despite the fact that there are currently multiple tools that facilitate coordination between various team cells, it will be highly dependent on the digital manager having the ability to order and guide all members of his team to use the tool correctly. This person must have a broad knowledge of this product and must also have the ability to facilitate its use by their team. Some very popular are Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, among others.
  • Not everyone is ready: many workers may not be ready to face working from home, usually those who have demonstrated sufficient maturity or have demonstrated that they have been capable on previous occasions will be prepared to face the challenge, however, many others may. still require a little more attention to tasks and organization when delivering. Here it is necessary to go to consultants with experience in managing remote teams of human resources, such as Daniel Juárez from Interfell, or Danny Page from Distribute Consulting.
  • Companionship matters: according to an INE study, one of the main difficulties that workers present when they do remote work is isolation, with almost 28% of people affected by this problem. Having team members always available to interact in person will make the job easier, communicating by video call will never be the same as sitting face to face with one another. In addition, promoting team meetings on a regular basis to generate empathy among the members is also a practice that experts recommend.
Telework Tools

Source: https://blog.cake.hr/working-home-complete-guide-remote-work/

The successes of teleworking

The option of being a teleworker has never been more useful than in this time of the world. Thanks to technology, we have multiple options to make remote work an alternative. Successful companies define themselves as completely remote organizations, such as Zapier, Toptal, Gitlab, among others, with hundreds of workers. Thus it is demonstrated today that size is not a barrier to adopting telework.

Working remotely not only boosts productivity and improves employee comfort, it also helps to maintain a much more pleasant work environment and helps to reconcile family and work, either partially or permanently, it is a practice that little by little it has penetrated into Spanish society and it is here to stay.

Barcelona Talento Digital

Many professionals with technological and digital talent pass through our coworking space in Poblenou every day. But some companies do not know how to find them, or simply, they have turned to traditional search channels without results. So we have decided to offer a solution to this problem, through our network of collaborators, such as Interfell, the IT talent recruitment and recruitment platform. This initiative seeks to add value to the coworking experience, both for companies and professionals.


EMMS Evento Marketing Digital

An event on digital marketing will be held on October 10, it is the new edition of EMMS, a 100% free online conference that the Doppler company organizes annually, and this time attendees will not have to wait until that date to actively participate. After the success of the 2018 edition in which lectures were taught in Spanish and English for almost 30,000 attendees, Doppler will bring together great exponents of Digital Marketing to share trends and developments in the industry. In this EMMS it will be the public who chooses the topics that will be discussed. Anyone can join and vote by entering the event site, no matter where in the world they are since the broadcast will be entirely online.

Why do we dedicate an entry from our blog to this event? The reason is the collaboration between BCNewt Coworking and Doppler, the company that promotes EMMS. The benefit for coworker community members will be -40% in the plans of the Doppler email marketing solution, included in the coworking rates.

Some of the topics for which you can vote are Data Marketing, Storytelling, Lead Generation, Experience Marketing and many more. In the same way, those who register can also suggest which speakers to call to be part. As every year, the event will bring together thousands of executives and entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and students interested in industry news and trends. Those who wish to participate as EMMS allies and obtain interesting benefits for their companies, can contact the event organizers here.

The following is the Tim Ash conference in the 2018 edition, on how to avoid the most common e-commerce mistakes.

About EMMS and the world of digital marketing

It is an international digital marketing event that summons the most important exponents of the sector to share the latest industry trends. Their free and online conferences are expected by the entire Spanish-speaking community, and each year it has thousands of attendees from all over Latin America and Spain.

In its 2018 edition, the EMMS offered online conferences in Spanish and English for almost 30,000 people worldwide, and had the outstanding presence of specialists
internationals such as Tim Ash, Brian Massey and Michel Edery.

The EMMS began with a face-to-face proposal in Argentina; Over the years he traveled to different countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Spain, achieving a remarkable growth in quality and quantity of attendees. In 2014 the conferences began to be broadcast online for everyone, reaching the record of 10 hours of uninterrupted training.

About Doppler and its email marketing solution

Doppler is a leading Email, Automation & Data Marketing company in the Spanish-speaking market. Through its application you can create and send Campaigns in a very simple, safe and effective way. It also offers a Transactional Email service called Doppler Relay. Among its many features, database segmentation, 100% customizable template editor, among others, stand out. It has offices in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Tandil (Argentina), CDMX, Monterrey (Mexico), Bogotá (Colombia), Quito, (Ecuador), Barcelona, ​​(Spain) and San Francisco (USA).

Patricia Martí Puig (Alicante, 1985) is a BCNewt’s member passionate about marine conservation. After a decade of research, she feel the need to bring her knowledge to private companies, as a consultant at Oceanogami. In addition, she is very smart, having been the first person to benefit from the agreement between Cowocat and Pimec, which allows her to have a flexible workspace in our coworking in very, very favorable conditions. (more…)

Many of us have already heard about digitalization, digital transformation or even Industry 4.0. The era of energy, communicative and procedural efficiency has come hand in hand with computer engineering and telecommunications, so we’re now talking openly about machines, businesses and even smart cities, able to connect with each other autonomously, managing data and operating without any person having to put their hands on beyond supervision. But how do entrepreneurs experience it? How do traditional companies face it?

Joaquim Virgili gives us some answers. Entrepreneur, consultant, expert in business intelligence and with already a migrated experience in processes of digital transformation for entrepreneurs and companies, is one of those young people, with a versatile expertise and protagonists of technological change. He could not escape, being a valuable coworker, from our “Nomad Sessions” in BCNewt.

In the coworking space BCNewt we develop these sessions in order to put individual knowledge and professional specializations of each of our coworkers at the disposal of the entire community. They are spaces for dialogue between entrepreneurs, freelancers or employees of innovative start-ups with diverse experiences, which ultimately serve to train us, discover software tools or initiate collaborations for interesting projects. Also, why not say it, we attack some good chips, popcorn and give ourselves a break at noon.

Joaquim finished his business administration studies at Stanford University, applying his experience as an Applus consultant in an important network such as elAbogado.com: “They had a subscription-based business model, and we changed it to a model with leads. , which tripled the contributing partners and doubled the income “. After that, he combined his work as an analyst at Accenture with his Mandarina Games enterprise. Joaquim’s business idea was to be based on scalability, but his partner and the 2 designer artists “wanted to focus on just one game, which was not my idea, and in fact it did not work,” he confesses.

And it is so, in BCNewt we think that in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, we must learn to fail, something shared by many of the coworkers in our space, and who have developed their ideas both at times of motivation and uncertainty. Almost all have had hard times with their projects, but that is what the search for success consists of.

The keys in digital transformation and automation

Digital transformation for entrepreneurs.

“The digital transformation, in that case, always goes through the centralization of information”

The typical case of consultants or analysts like Joaquim Virgili is that of companies with very compartmentalized structures or small businesses with a lot of separation between management and employees. The digital transformation, in that case, always passes through the centralization of information. “Knowledge has to be shared, not just distributed. Data must flow in both directions. ” According to Joaquim, this allows to greatly improve the analysis and planning of actions.

For that there is totally affordable software, like Klipfolio. This Canadian company provides a solution designed especially to centralize the most relevant data of a website, always in the key of performance. Thus, the company that uses Klipfolio has a dashboard or control panel where you can see the metrics of visits, interaction and conversions from their networks, web and a multiplicity of online platforms available and linked to the central application. In the words of Joaquim: “With 20 dollars a month, you can pull Google Drive, internal databases, or connect to Analytics for websites, etc.”.

Digitalization for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

“Knowledge has to be shared, not just distributed. Data must flow in both directions”

There are also more customized solutions like Bootstrap, supported by HTML5 or MySQL language. It is a set of tools or framework of open source software to design content and custom applications on the web. In practice, Bootstrap, developed by Twitter and available totally free, allows you to design your website to your needs, in a personalized way and not depending on tools or standardized programs.

“In more traditional organizations, this is almost like magic,” says Joaquim. “All these applications are very productive at scale, because they allow the information to go from being in the plant and in the hands of only one person, to being available to all through the mobile phone and the internet connection“.

Meet digital nomad Daniel Page. Page is the head of operations for StudySoup and a recent coworker in our BCNewt coworking space in Barcelona.  He’s spent the past few years traversing the globe, exploring cities across the United States and Europe.


It’s Monday morning, and you’re preparing for the start a new work week as a digital nomad in Barcelona. Instead of commuting to your company’s office and settling into a cubicle, you’re booting up your laptop and attending a meeting via Skype in a coworking space with other digital nomads halfway across the world.


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