BCNewt renovó sus oficinas apostando por una arquitectura urbana, minimalista y eco transgresora.

We are Newts and we like to emerge from the ashes or, in this case, from the debris.

Our den, BCNewt Coworking Barcelona, has been growing and mutating, becoming a shared workspace designed to stimulate the implementation of ideas, projects and most importantly: Coworking! What began as an industrial building located in the most innovative and modern district of Barcelona, has now become a coworking space community for entrepreneurs, created with a transgressive eco spirit. More than a share office in Barcelona, BCNewt is a new lifestyle that allows you to be more productive and expand your network of contacts.

To give you an idea: ceiling lamps, kitchen, meeting room table, floor baseboards, and the divisions between the kitchen and the workroom, have been built with collected pallets from the streets, subsequently polished, varnished and cut following a delicate process. We also conducted a series of restorations (Yes, the ones you see on the pictures) of windows, concrete columns and beams, to give new decorative details. And in the electrical section we opted for a low ecological consumption, and we have also created our own style from coloring spare nozzles and coupling bulbs.

We wanted to combine an architectural touch that honors the building history, but also motivate and communicate the experiences and wishes of our coworkers. Thus, with careful design, hard work and funny hours (and exhaustion, too), recycled and second hand materials have found their place between next-generation technological equipment, proving that within mutability and variety everything is possible.

BCNewt is a coworking space at Barcelona created to revolutionize the established rules of cowork.