A Tale of Two Cultures: An American’s Perspective on Coworking in Barcelona

Meet digital nomad Daniel Page. Page is the head of operations for StudySoup and a recent coworker in our BCNewt coworking space in Barcelona.  He’s spent the past few years traversing the globe, exploring cities across the United States and Europe.

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The Types of Digital Nomads You’ll Meet in Barcelona

The Types of Digital Nomads You'll Meet in Barcelona

It’s Monday morning, and you’re preparing for the start a new work week as a digital nomad in Barcelona. Instead of commuting to your company’s office and settling into a cubicle, you’re booting up your laptop and attending a meeting via Skype in a coworking space with other digital...

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Stephen Scott: “Innovation from coworking needs to be at the heart of our business”

Stephen Scott:

Corporate business’ interest in coworking spaces has sparked innovation as to how they can best integrate into the new industry. Stephen Scott Head of International Airline Group (IAG) Innovation spoke with BCNewt, coworking in Barcelona, to talk about Hangar 51, IAG’s new coworking project dedicated to collaboration with small...

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Becoming a global coworker: How different is a coworking space in Spain versus the United States?

Becoming a global coworker: How different is a coworking space in Spain versus the United States?

Coworking Barcelona blog.” width=”219″ height=”332″ /> Ryan Gough, Global Coworker en Michigan, Estados Unidos. ¿Cuánto tiempo has estado haciendo coworking y qué te motivó a formar parte del movimiento? Fui contratado en un trabajo que lo ofrecía como beneficio, y ahora no puedo imaginar no tenerlo como opción. Incluso cuando viajo, encuentro un espacio de coworking. Gough...

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George Yates: “The personal interactions makes special your workspace”

George Yates:

Cada vez más, las nuevas plataformas online vienen a descubrir espacios de trabajo para los nómadas digitales, en un mercado en crecimiento que se ve brillante. Desde BCNewt, espacio de coworking en Barcelona, definitivamente consideramos que esta es una industria con un gran espacio para todo el mundo. Y esto...

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BCNewt introduces new international partnership with Green Spaces™ , founding The Green Spaces Alliance

New and innovative ideas are always flowing here at BCNewt, coworking in Barcelona, and this collaboration is key. We are very excited to announce our newest eco friendly partner Green Spaces™! This is an all-inclusive coworking space that provides its members the opportunity to connect with other businesses with environmental...

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BCNewt Coworking SL 2017

The first network of coworking spaces 100% sostenible in Barcelona.

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