Digital Nomads in Barcelona

The Types of Digital Nomads You’ll Meet in Barcelona

It’s Monday morning, and you’re preparing for the start a new work week as a digital nomad in Barcelona. Instead of commuting to your company’s office and settling into a cubicle, you’re booting up your laptop and attending a meeting via Skype in a coworking space with other digital nomads halfway across the world.

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Stephen Scott: “Innovation from coworking needs to be at the heart of our business”

Corporate business’ interest in coworking spaces has sparked innovation as to how they can best integrate into the new industry. Stephen Scott Head of International Airline Group (IAG) Innovation spoke with BCNewt, coworking in Barcelona, to talk about Hangar 51, IAG’s new coworking project dedicated to collaboration with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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How to profit in coworking spaces

Measuring business success is about more than revenue. When it comes to working in a coworking space, we have to look deeper into how companies earn money or build success.

At the BCNewt coworking space in Barcelona, we believe in the power of connections. Many startups and small businesses join coworking spaces to save money, but shared offices also help people develop relationships, gain advice and form other measures of success to help them increase productivity and later profit.

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BCNewt is a coworking space at Barcelona created to revolutionize the established rules of cowork.