BCNewt Pere IV

BCNewt Pere IV is located in an old building rehabilitated and modernized with recycled materials. Multiple materials reused, such as mirrors, tables, wood, aluminum, among others, have returned the vibrance of this property built in 1891.

Patio and roof terrace

Acceso exterior mediante app móvil

60 members community

Wireless printer

Indoor bike parking

Personal locker

Eventos regulares privados y abiertos

Wifi 300 MB fibra óptica simétrica

Now, it is completely unrecognizable after the complete renovation. With its strategical location, placed in the technological area of ​​Barcelona, the working environment will inspire you as the avant-garde air flows in the neighborhood. It will provide you a refuge dedicated to a collaborative culture. On the other hand, our coworking space is also surrounded by new companies, dedicated to innovation that can create a positive influence in your activity.  Before its shift to technology, the place has a long tradition of punk and heavy music, making it a more enjoyable environment for people interested in culture and music. In fact, there are still some of these emblematic pubs, which live together with artists’ workshops, such as painters, carpenters and designers.

This atmosphere is reflected in our space of Pere IV. BCNewt interior decorator, Mercurio Sobocki, wanted to put this idea into the ceiling of the room. This is how he designed two celestial bodies, covered with reflective sheets, to optimize the energy resource through an original lighting system.

BCNewt Coworking SL 2021

The first coworking space 100% sustainable in Barcelona.

Logo & Visual Identity: Eleonora Majorana / Photography: Gerardo Angiulli / Web Design: All Media Consulting

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