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Entrevista a Javier del Puerto, fundador de la plataforma Crowdreading y coworker de BCNewt

Interview with Javier del Puerto, Crowdreading founder & BCNewt’s coworker

Readers around the world have to be grateful to him, at least all the readers who enjoy reading and talking about what we read. Reading is not a lonesome thing to Javier del Puerto, for him reading must be a collective, open process, allowing the exchange of perceptions and judgments. That was, roughly speaking, the reason why he decided to found Crowdreading, collective reading digital platform that allows readers to share and discuss fragments of the text they are reading. Continue reading “Interview with Javier del Puerto, Crowdreading founder & BCNewt’s coworker” »

Manuel Zea, fundador de Working Space y CoworkingSpain, entrevistado por el coworking BCNewt, Barcelona

“Coworking is a way of life”, interview with Manuel Zea

Manuel Zea es uno de los promotores más importantes del movimiento coworking en España. Socio fundador de uno de los primeros coworkings de Madrid, Working Space, y socio fundador de la plataforma CoworkingSpain y de la CoworkingSpain Conference, es una de las voces más destacadas para hablar sobre trabajo compartido en España. Continue reading ““Coworking is a way of life”, interview with Manuel Zea” »

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5 Reasons To Be An Entrepreneur In Spain

Spain, Spain, Spain… land of the good weather and amazing people. As a coworking space settle in one of the best cities in Spain, Barcelona, we cannot avoid to think how can we relate the concepts entrepeneur, startup, and investment with a social-technological city that offers us the posibility to make our business grow and let our ideas go with the flow of its vibrant environment. Continue reading “5 Reasons To Be An Entrepreneur In Spain” »

Alex Hillman, coworking Indy Hall, dangerouslyawesome

Interview with Alex Hillman, co-founder of Indy Hall

Alex Hillman is the person you want to talk to if you want to know what coworking really means. He is the co-founder of Indy Hall, one of the first coworking communities in the United States, based in Philadelphia, and aslo runs the blog and the podcast ‘The Coworking Weekly Show, where he discusses about coworking, communities, and business. Continue reading “Interview with Alex Hillman, co-founder of Indy Hall” »

El ilustrador y arquitecto, Vasco Mourao, hace coworking en BCNewt

Vasco Mourao, an artist in BCNewt

Vasco Mourao has an obsession: drawing. This architect and illustrator lives in Barcelona, where he is the founder of Marvami and the organizer of Creative Mornings, he loves to travel and to design, and happens to be the paradigm of the modern citizen: multicultural, creative, and passionate about his work. It was precisely this combination of elements he shared with us during his stay in our coworking space BCNewt, where he coworked and shared with us his art. Continue reading “Vasco Mourao, an artist in BCNewt” »