Joaquim Virgili: “Digital transformation is magical for traditional companies”

Joaquim Virgili: “Digital transformation is magical for traditional companies”

Many of us have already heard about digitalization, digital transformation or even Industry 4.0. The era of energy, communicative and procedural efficiency has come hand in hand with computer engineering and telecommunications, so we’re now talking openly about machines, businesses and even smart cities, able to connect with each...

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A Tale of Two Cultures: An American’s Perspective on Coworking in Barcelona

Meet digital nomad Daniel Page. Page is the head of operations for StudySoup and a recent coworker in our BCNewt coworking space in Barcelona.  He’s spent the past few years traversing the globe, exploring cities across the United States and Europe.

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The Types of Digital Nomads You’ll Meet in Barcelona

The Types of Digital Nomads You'll Meet in Barcelona

It’s Monday morning, and you’re preparing for the start a new work week as a digital nomad in Barcelona. Instead of commuting to your company’s office and settling into a cubicle, you’re booting up your laptop and attending a meeting via Skype in a coworking space with other digital...

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BCNewt Coworking SL 2021

The first coworking space 100% sustainable in Barcelona.

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