In our last community meeting we had a talk about the new trends and challenges discussed during the 2015 Coworking Europe Conference, held in Milano, Italy, from 11th to 13th of November.

I was there as BCNewt’s founder and CEO, catching every opportunity for us! The main topics were:

Collaboration: how can cooperate a coworking in Barcelona with big corporations? A few case studies were mention in Milano, like Italian Tiscali telco, and its coworking project Open Campus. As Barcelona is home of many innovative great companies, particularly in 22@ District, where BCNewt is based. This is a work in progress for our community!

Co-living: imagine yourself living in a building with dozens of entrepreneurs, sharing more than a workspace in Barcelona, your room, kitchen, washer machine and more. This is a new trend in big cities with expensive flats and offices rents, like New York or London, and probably, some day, also Barcelona. We just figured out how this lifestyle could change our lives, in a positive or negative way, and how we could take advantage of this.

Organization: the new European organizations of freelancers and coworking spaces are struggling to face the new era of the on demand economy. As from the the beginning of time, has its benefits, but also, the dark side. Regulatory proposals, to make freelancers‘ life easier, and promote unused spaces to create new coworking spaces, are some ideas flowing in the air.

Are you a coworking movement enthusiastic? Do you want to know how coworking in Barcelona is changing our lifes? Join us to our community talks in BCNewt coworking in Barcelona.

Gustavo Franco
  1. Peter Adrian Thordal-Torrado 6 years ago

    Four months ago I join the coworking movement(BCNewt) and it has been and amazing experiencing! This last community meeting was really enlightening were we talked about all the new trends and challenges the coworking community is facing. #newters

  2. Miquel Gómez 6 years ago

    Everyday more people are joining the Co-working. That’s my case. We’re realizing how work’s world is facing new challenges, how we have to react to crisis; empowering ourselves and making projects available by joining forces.
    In this meeting we refreshed our knwoledge in co-workings trends. Now we are aware of Co-working giants (housing- oriented), co-living emerging movements or platforms’s pusshings on co-work institucionalization (rights, fees, tributes, etc.)

  3. Sandra Campos 6 years ago

    Me gustaría participar.



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