Gustavo Franco
All Media Consulting
A communications consultor who pursues what he likes the most: storytelling. Journalist and author for 15 years.
Gustavo FrancoGustavo FrancoAll Media Consulting
Natàlia Rivero
Journalist and Master in Communication and Education. Is in charge of the communications and production at elParlante.
Natàlia RiveroEl Parlante
Rodrigo Huerta
This dude really wants to expand the knowledge. With is giving to all doctors around the world the possibility to attend virtually to medical conferences with expensive fees.
Alfredo Cohen
Leads professional group specialized in the development of communication strategies at different levels.
Ona Caussa
Works mainly as an illustrator for kids materials but also interested in adult illustration.
Miquel Gómez
All Media Consulting
Sociologist, graduate diploma in Conflicts Communication. Critical thinking lover.
Javier Cohen
Jacom Group
He's the global trader in BCNewt, and maybe you'll find him at the workspace, before his next trip to China.
Martina Mendelova
Martina is a SAP consultant and help business with IT solutions.
Alexander Alyushin
7+ years of experience in e-commerce and internet payments. Working with rapid growth businesses and start-ups.
Daniel Tarrida
Daniel is the guy who knows most of Bach's classical music in Barcelona. And it's not a joke, eh?
Pablo Latorre
All Media Consulting
He's PR assistant at All Media Consulting and a reporter at Diari de Tarragona.
Raquel Rei
el Parlante
She is passionate about audiovisual and her natural habitat is cameras and video editing programs.
Danny Page
Head of Operations at StudySoup
Versatile operations and marketing pro. TV & radio host turned entrepreneur. A passion for building and motivating creative teams to execute a collective vision.
David J. Jacq
Entrepreneur through Acquisition
“I want to buy and run your company, maintain its prosperity, take care of your employees, clients and other partners, protect the legacy you have built, and make you proud”
Samuel Boyle
Private Equity Search Fund Analyst
Highly motivated, strong driven individual consistently producing results above employers expectations, both independently and as a part of a team. I am a graduate of the Universidad de Salamanca where I studied Small and Medium Business Administration.
Tarquin Tate
Private Equity Analyst
Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at ESADE Business & Law School, I am interested in exploring future career opportunities in investment banking, management consulting, and Private Equity upon my graduation.
Yu Jiang Wu
Search fund analyst at Transición
I'm dedicated to research and identify attractive industries based on Transición's investment criteria.
Verònica Losa
Consultora en desarrollo del talento y economista
Consultora, directora-fundadora de etsTalent, consultoría en desarrollo del talento. Emprendedora en diversos proyectos aplicando a múltiples ámbitos la Educación e Inteligencia Emocional. Facilitadora de PNL, terapeuta Gestalt y Economista.
Denis Morozov
Publisher Relations at Appodeal Inc
Have 7+ years of successful experience in building and running software development teams as well as driving business development efforts of several companies.
Gerardo Angiulli
Self taught wannabe photographer interested in photojournalism and documentary photography
Joaquim Virgili Llop
Currently heading Kudzu Partners, a boutique consultancy focused on helping companies accelerate sales growth, achieve digital transformation and change their mindset to an agile way of continuous delivery and improvement.

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