Stephen Scott: “Innovation from coworking needs to be at the heart of our business”

Stephen Scott:

Corporate business’ interest in coworking spaces has sparked innovation as to how they can best integrate into the new industry. Stephen Scott Head of International Airline Group (IAG) Innovation spoke with BCNewt, coworking in Barcelona, to talk about Hangar 51, IAG’s new coworking project dedicated to collaboration with small...

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Barcelona Activa creates a website for Mobile Startups

Digitalización para emprendedores en Barcelona

  Barcelona Activa has created a new project focused on entrepreneurs in the mobile industry, Mobile Startup in Barcelona. It consists of supporting the sector through a website, a sector that is becoming more and more important, since the mobile applications market is one of the largest at the...

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BCNewt, another member of the Coworking Visa program

BCNewt, another member of the Coworking Visa program

Since last summer, BCNewt has been a participant in the office space program Coworking Visa, a passport that currently allows coworkers to interconnect in more than 450 coworking spaces around the world. The initiative was born within the site Coworking Wiki, a space that seeks to bring together coworkers, owners of coworking spaces or shared workspaces to exchange information,...

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BCNewt Coworking SL 2022

The first coworking space 100% sustainable in Barcelona.

Logo & Visual Identity: Eleonora Majorana / Photography: Gerardo Angiulli / Web Design: All Media Consulting

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