Rodrigo Huerta: “We also need personal strategic plans in our lifes”

Rodrigo Huerta:

Las grandes ideas de negocio provienen de las más sencillas necesidades. Esta es la inspiración de Rodrigo Huerta para, un vídeo club online de conferencias médicas, para los médicos que no cuentan con presupuestos costosos para asistir a esas actividades. En una charla privada para los coworkers de BCNewt, Rodrigo compartió su plan de...

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Aritz Cirbián: “The exchange of ideas is one of the bases for the creativity” #coworking #barcelona

Learn Do Share Barcelona it’s Aritz Cirbián’s bet on the evolution of narrative and social innovation, taking place June 26th and 27th, at the Design Hub. “The idea is to gather people from different disciplines to exchange our creative experiences and kickstart cultural projects on the 21st century”, said Aritz,...

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BizBarcelona 2015, the most important business event of the year

BizBarcelona 2015, the most important business event of the year

The “BizBarcelona 2015. Soluciones para Pymes y emprendedores” will be held on July 1st to July 2nd, at the Recinto Montjuïc, Barcelona. The event will address several topics from business to entrepreneurship. If you are wondering what do an online supermarket, sustainable tourism, and coworking have in common, BizBarcelona...

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Barcelona Activa creates a website for Mobile Startups

Digitalización para emprendedores en Barcelona

  Barcelona Activa has created a new project focused on entrepreneurs in the mobile industry, Mobile Startup in Barcelona. It consists of supporting the sector through a website, a sector that is becoming more and more important, since the mobile applications market is one of the largest at the...

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BCNewt Coworking SL 2022

The first coworking space 100% sustainable in Barcelona.

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