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An event on digital marketing will be held on October 10, it is the new edition of EMMS, a 100% free online conference that the Doppler company organizes annually, and this time attendees will not have to wait until that date to actively participate. After the success of the 2018 edition in which lectures were taught in Spanish and English for almost 30,000 attendees, Doppler will bring together great exponents of Digital Marketing to share trends and developments in the industry. In this EMMS it will be the public who chooses the topics that will be discussed. Anyone can join and vote by entering the event site, no matter where in the world they are since the broadcast will be entirely online.

Why do we dedicate an entry from our blog to this event? The reason is the collaboration between BCNewt Coworking and Doppler, the company that promotes EMMS. The benefit for coworker community members will be -40% in the plans of the Doppler email marketing solution, included in the coworking rates.

Some of the topics for which you can vote are Data Marketing, Storytelling, Lead Generation, Experience Marketing and many more. In the same way, those who register can also suggest which speakers to call to be part. As every year, the event will bring together thousands of executives and entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and students interested in industry news and trends. Those who wish to participate as EMMS allies and obtain interesting benefits for their companies, can contact the event organizers here.

The following is the Tim Ash conference in the 2018 edition, on how to avoid the most common e-commerce mistakes.

About EMMS and the world of digital marketing

It is an international digital marketing event that summons the most important exponents of the sector to share the latest industry trends. Their free and online conferences are expected by the entire Spanish-speaking community, and each year it has thousands of attendees from all over Latin America and Spain.

In its 2018 edition, the EMMS offered online conferences in Spanish and English for almost 30,000 people worldwide, and had the outstanding presence of specialists
internationals such as Tim Ash, Brian Massey and Michel Edery.

The EMMS began with a face-to-face proposal in Argentina; Over the years he traveled to different countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Spain, achieving a remarkable growth in quality and quantity of attendees. In 2014 the conferences began to be broadcast online for everyone, reaching the record of 10 hours of uninterrupted training.

About Doppler and its email marketing solution

Doppler is a leading Email, Automation & Data Marketing company in the Spanish-speaking market. Through its application you can create and send Campaigns in a very simple, safe and effective way. It also offers a Transactional Email service called Doppler Relay. Among its many features, database segmentation, 100% customizable template editor, among others, stand out. It has offices in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Tandil (Argentina), CDMX, Monterrey (Mexico), Bogotá (Colombia), Quito, (Ecuador), Barcelona, ​​(Spain) and San Francisco (USA).


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