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Many of us have already heard about digitalization, digital transformation or even Industry 4.0. The era of energy, communicative and procedural efficiency has come hand in hand with computer engineering and telecommunications, so we’re now talking openly about machines, businesses and even smart cities, able to connect with each other autonomously, managing data and operating without any person having to put their hands on beyond supervision. But how do entrepreneurs experience it? How do traditional companies face it?

Joaquim Virgili gives us some answers. Entrepreneur, consultant, expert in business intelligence and with already a migrated experience in processes of digital transformation for entrepreneurs and companies, is one of those young people, with a versatile expertise and protagonists of technological change. He could not escape, being a valuable coworker, from our “Nomad Sessions” in BCNewt.

In the coworking space BCNewt we develop these sessions in order to put individual knowledge and professional specializations of each of our coworkers at the disposal of the entire community. They are spaces for dialogue between entrepreneurs, freelancers or employees of innovative start-ups with diverse experiences, which ultimately serve to train us, discover software tools or initiate collaborations for interesting projects. Also, why not say it, we attack some good chips, popcorn and give ourselves a break at noon.

Joaquim finished his business administration studies at Stanford University, applying his experience as an Applus consultant in an important network such as “They had a subscription-based business model, and we changed it to a model with leads. , which tripled the contributing partners and doubled the income “. After that, he combined his work as an analyst at Accenture with his Mandarina Games enterprise. Joaquim’s business idea was to be based on scalability, but his partner and the 2 designer artists “wanted to focus on just one game, which was not my idea, and in fact it did not work,” he confesses.

And it is so, in BCNewt we think that in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, we must learn to fail, something shared by many of the coworkers in our space, and who have developed their ideas both at times of motivation and uncertainty. Almost all have had hard times with their projects, but that is what the search for success consists of.

The keys in digital transformation and automation

Digital transformation for entrepreneurs.

“The digital transformation, in that case, always goes through the centralization of information”

The typical case of consultants or analysts like Joaquim Virgili is that of companies with very compartmentalized structures or small businesses with a lot of separation between management and employees. The digital transformation, in that case, always passes through the centralization of information. “Knowledge has to be shared, not just distributed. Data must flow in both directions. ” According to Joaquim, this allows to greatly improve the analysis and planning of actions.

For that there is totally affordable software, like Klipfolio. This Canadian company provides a solution designed especially to centralize the most relevant data of a website, always in the key of performance. Thus, the company that uses Klipfolio has a dashboard or control panel where you can see the metrics of visits, interaction and conversions from their networks, web and a multiplicity of online platforms available and linked to the central application. In the words of Joaquim: “With 20 dollars a month, you can pull Google Drive, internal databases, or connect to Analytics for websites, etc.”.

Digitalization for entrepreneurs in Barcelona

“Knowledge has to be shared, not just distributed. Data must flow in both directions”

There are also more customized solutions like Bootstrap, supported by HTML5 or MySQL language. It is a set of tools or framework of open source software to design content and custom applications on the web. In practice, Bootstrap, developed by Twitter and available totally free, allows you to design your website to your needs, in a personalized way and not depending on tools or standardized programs.

“In more traditional organizations, this is almost like magic,” says Joaquim. “All these applications are very productive at scale, because they allow the information to go from being in the plant and in the hands of only one person, to being available to all through the mobile phone and the internet connection“.


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