Gustavo Franco

Learn Do Share Barcelona it’s Aritz Cirbián’s bet on the evolution of narrative and social innovation, taking place June 26th and 27th, at the Design Hub. “The idea is to gather people from different disciplines to exchange our creative experiences and kickstart cultural projects on the 21st century”, said Aritz, also a coworker at BCNewt.

Learn Do Share BCN is a two days event to connect, discover, experience, share and test multidisciplinary narrative proposals related with cinema, videogames, education, TV, software engineering, music, scene arts, social entrepreneurship, ecology, urbanism, design, hacktivism, and much more. “We are creative professionals interested in working within the borders of different professional fields, and we invite you to collaborate, share and be part of these experiences during these two days in a ludic and open environment”, says the project description on their website. Join us! There are no excuses! And it is free!


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