Vasco Mourao has an obsession: drawing. This architect and illustrator lives in Barcelona, where he is the founder of Marvami and the organizer of Creative Mornings, he loves to travel and to design, and happens to be the paradigm of the modern citizen: multicultural, creative, and passionate about his work. It was precisely this combination of elements he shared with us during his stay in our coworking space BCNewt, where he coworked and shared with us his art.

El ilustrador Vasco Mourao en el coworking BCNewt, Barcelona

Vasco Mourao talking with coworkers, BCNewt

In our coworking space, Vasco drew the city of Genova: a work full of details and elements that, like all his oeuvre, left us very impressed. His work is characterized by the high amount of passion he puts on what he does. Not only are his detailed drawings of entire cities that have won critical acclaim around Europe, USA and Latin America. The need to seek the sense of something through art, to express the feelings that this type of art can transmit, are other of his concerns. After an incredible dedication, and before Vasco’s departure, we decided to prepare a mini-workshop with other coworkers to discuss a bit more about art, coworking and technology. The result? Well, let the video tell you more about it!

The reluctance Vasco feels against emptiness forces him “to draw as much details as he can,” in order to feel that he has been doing his job properly when putting his hands on a piece of paper. All of that, merged with the feeling of “draw without thinking of drawing” he experiences, has allowed him to feature his works in The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Established & Sons, Architectural Review, Wired US, Folha do Sao Paulo, Expo Dubai 2020, among others. The same goes in galleries, where Espacio 88, Mitte Gallery y Casa Portuguesa (Barcelona), The Invisible Dog (Nueva York),   SURFCITY (Palma de Mallorca) y Bons Sons y Estudio Um (Portugal), have shown his work.

Vasco Mourao, ilustrador en BCNewt, coworking

Genova, by Vasco Mourao – BCNewt’s walls

His arrival to BCNewt was his first experience in a coworking space, but, truth been told, Vasco seemed to be more used to be here than in other place. His personality and interaction with the other coworkers was noticeable from day one, and this had a direct impact on his work. As he mentioned during the mini-workshop: “Share with others a workspace helps you to have more inspiration” and, more precisely, in a city like Barcelona, “one of the best places to cowork.” Bye-bye, Vasco!

Vasco Mourao en Barcelona, BCNewt

Illustrator and architect, Vasco Mourao, drawing on BCNewt’s walls

Feel like knowing more about Vasco Mourao? In his web page you can find everything you need to satisfy your curiosity! Moreover, you can also follow him on social networks: here you have his Facebook and his Twitter.


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