Rubén Alejos is one of those people capable of solving any inconvenience, at least when it comes to web design. This is how one of our coworkers, founder of the web design company White Chameleon Solutions and digital enthusiast, likes to define himself. Recently, he sat down to talk with us over a cup of coffee in one of the breakes we had at BCNewt.

However, the reason for our interview transcends his commitment to quality web design. On May 30 and 31, the Talent Garden Barcelona coworking space will become the most important digital meeting point in the city by hosting the Hackathon Barcelona 2015. With support from Google, Facebook or Cisco Systems, to name three great examples, the hackathons of AngelHack, the world’s most diverse and prestigious Silicon Valley hacker community, are one of the most prominent international events. But what role does Ruben play in all this?

Our coworker is one of AngelHack’s worldwide ambassadors. His role is to promote the brand in Barcelona and, when the time is right, as it is now, to take charge of organizing events. A long and pleasant conversation, one of those that we have several times with Ruben, helped us to know a little more about the role of AngelHack, what the hackathon of next May has in store for us and the appreciations that the interviewee left about the fascinating hacker world.

White Camaleon and Rubén Alejos, coworkers in coworking BCNewt, Barcelona, Poblenou, District 22@.
Rubén Alejos, organizer of the Hackathon AngelHack Barcelona 2015, founder of White Chameleon Solutions and BCNewt coworker.

BCNewt: Hi, Rubén! First of all, could you tell us a little bit more about the AngelHack brand? Who are you, what is your idea and where did the proposal for the word Hackathonscome from?

Ruben Alejos: AngelHack is the largest and most diverse global community of programmers and entrepreneurs in the world. Located in San Francisco, California, founders Greg Osuri and Sabeen Ali have been in business since 2011. His idea is very clear: to build a bridge between the international technology community and Silicon Valley. They see programming as the global language of change and innovation.

BCNewt: So, the Hackathon arrives in Barcelona and you are nothing more and nothing less than the brand ambassador in the city. Congratulations! What do you have prepared for the attendees, what is your program?

RA: In fact, we are currently two official ambassadors in Barcelona: Alexander Chacón Dávila, co-founder of Pick&Pow and myself. We have prepared a very structured planning, ranging from team building, multiple workshops related to the theme, renowned mentors who will give constant support to the participants, catering service included, presentation of projects to official judges, and last but not least, on June 1st we will offer during the day a small party to relax and do some networking.

BCNewt: Leaving aside the event, what do you consider, from your perspective as a professional, is the importance of the hacker movement and why should it be promoted as AngelHack does?

RA: We believe that we are currently experiencing an intense technological revolution worldwide, and the new generations represent the future and development of this revolution. We believe it is vitally important that organizations like AngelHack promote and encourage the hacker movement, providing the environment and tools necessary for them to develop in the most optimal way possible. Undoubtedly, hackers today symbolize the pillars of this whole process of innovation we are talking about in the digital world.

BCNewt: It could be said that the hacker movement moves between two waters: on the one hand, it is often associated in the media with those who use it for criminal purposes, such as hacking or privacy violations; on the other hand, the movement is really defined by its people, those programming enthusiasts who consider freedom of information a right. Could you give us your point of view on this?

RA: Unfortunately, the media perspective of the so-called “hacker” has created some confusion regarding this issue. I think people should know the difference between a hacker who has no illicit or negative intentions for anyone and “black hat” hackers who often carry out illicit activity and are commonly known as “crackers”.

BCNewt: How could you link AngelHack and coworking?

RA: The atmosphere at a Hackathonor at Angelhack’s own Hackcelerator is very similar to working in a coworking space or coworking. Everyone has different skills and areas in which they perform better check that. It is about joining all these points through cooperation and mutual help to obtain a better result.

BCNewt: And in closing, who would you recommend to attend the hackathon and why do you think they would benefit from attending?

RA: This is a very good question, since with the name of the brand and the event is a reference to hackers. However, Hackathons are used to receive 70% programmers and the remaining 30% are usually entrepreneurs, designers, people with teamwork skills and above all a lot of enthusiasm and passion for developing an idea.

The Hackathon Barcelona 2015will start on Saturday, May 30 at 9.00h and will end on Sunday, May 31 at 19.00h. You can access ticket purchase information and schedules through Eventbrite or directly on the AngelHack website.


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