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The “BizBarcelona 2015. Soluciones para Pymes y emprendedores” will be held on July 1st to July 2nd, at the Recinto Montjuïc, Barcelona. The event will address several topics from business to entrepreneurship. If you are wondering what do an online supermarket, sustainable tourism, and coworking have in common, BizBarcelona has the answer.

The macro event, promoted by Barcelona Activa, has over 12.300 entrepreneurs and Pymes participating. The event will be a multipolar space for the discussion of business models setting trends in the current market. Organized in thematic blocks, with moderators and speakers, each section will give opportunity to offer services, advice and inspiration to Pymes and entrepreneurs of any kind, adapting to the needs and demands of each business proposal.

Coworking and BizBarcelona 2015

The coworking as a topic will be discussed during the BizBarcelona 2015. Under the title “Work of Future: evolución del trabajo y el coworking como modelo de futuro“, speakers and participants will comment the new needs and ways of working in a changing global environment. The success achieved by many coworkings is based on the community and the group as a source of generation, where, in addition, values such as knowledge, innovation, talent and ability are shared.

The section dedicated to coworking will be moderated by our colleagues Associació Coworking de Catalunya (Cowocat), and will have Jordi Silvente, president of the association, as a speaker. Jordi Muñoz, Maite Moreno, Yolanda Treviño, Cesar Llorente and Daniel Furlan, will have the opportunity to talk about the new challenges of the coworking movement.

COWOCAT representará a los coworkings de Cataluña en la BizBarcelona 2015

BizBarcelona 2015 and the coworking, an important topic this year

A hybrid business meeting

Moreover, the contrast of approaches will be the biggest asset of BizBarcelona. While one might think that the relationship between coworking and medicine, to cite one example, could be far, the trends of modern society seek an integration of concepts, a new hybrid structure. Therefore, rather than crippled the event, these discussions will make it grow and expand the analysis to different fields.

The schedule will range between entrepreneurship within the sciences and the technology to medicine, sports, food and communication in the digital world. Also several round tables to analyze cases of failure and success in the business world will be presented.

Besides Cowocat’s participation representing Barcelona’s coworkings, the Generalitat de Catalunya, Universitat de Barcelona,, Associació Espanola de Científics Emprendedors (AEEC), Associació Independent de Joves Empresaris Cat (AIJEC), PIMEC, Foment del Treball Nacional and even Barcelona Activa, will organize lectures open to all the participants.

If you are interested in following the latest updates from BizBarcelona 2015, visit their social media profiles: on Facebook BizBarcelona, on Twitter @Bizbarcelona, on Instagram Bizbarcelona, on LinkedIN Biz Barcelona or on Youtube bizbarcelona.


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