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As usual, we have here the Coworking Spain Conference, to be held this year in Valencia, under the theme “Shared City”. The Coworking Spain Conference is a meeting where coworkers from all over Spain meet, and we invite you to participate as a shared workspace in Barcelona that we are. The event will serve to interact with other coworkers nationwide and will be integrated by professionals and entrepreneurs who will be in charge of giving talks and workshops related to the coworking world.

The meeting, in the pure style of the events that take place in our coworking in Poblenou BCNewt, will not only act as a space for learning and knowledge exchange, but will also promote networking for attendees to share their projects and businesses with each other.

The attraction of the Coworking Spain Conference will also focus on the quality of its speakers, specialists in their professional area from all over Spain, who will offer their ideas and knowledge at this great gathering. An example of this: the attendance of Eduardo Forte, one of the founders of Betahaus Barcelona, the largest coworking in Spain!

Below is a list of speakers:


Founder of and OuiShare Barcelona. He is a multimedia engineer fascinated by the application of the disruptive models of the Internet outside the network. In 2011 he founded, and since then, he has been a reference in Spain for the collaborative economy movement, as well as a bridge of the Ouishare platform for Spain and Latin America. In addition to teaching, lecturing and writing about the impact of business models in the new collaborative era, he also consults for startups, companies and administrations on their strategies for adapting to the collaborative revolution. You can keep up with their updates through their profiles on the OuiShare network or on their personal Twitter account.


She worked as coordinator of an Internet business incubator and as a strategic IT business consultant at the multinational Accenture, specializing in research, online business feasibility analysis and strategic agreements. He has also managed a consulting and software solutions development company, and created his own company in the fashion sector with more than forty points of sale and international projection. In 2011 he joined utopic_US as a coworker and in March 2012 he joined the team as responsible for consulting projects and business advice to entrepreneurs, and management of new projects such as the collaborative social and utopic_school. Since 2014, she has been the general manager of utopic_US coworking spaces. More information about Áurea Rivela on the utopic_US website and her Twitter profile.


Co-founder and CMO of Betahaus Barcelona, the largest coworking space in Spain, with more than 175 active members. Lawyer by profession and Master in Small and Medium Enterprises Management, passionate about marketing and communication for more than 10 years. He is also co-founder of ForteCros&Partners, an agency specialized in strategy and content marketing for premium and fashion brands. He is currently actively involved in the creation of Betahaus Global (Betahaus Twitter is also active) and in the international expansion of the brand.


Founder of Ideas for Change and creator of Pentagrowth. One of the most innovative strategists and thinkers on the collaborative economy, open and P2P business models, citizen innovation and the network society. Author of the Pentagrowth report on the levers of accelerated growth(2015). Advisor of Ouishare. Previously, co-founder of Digital Mood, a business incubator, and co-founder of Kubik multidisciplinary space. He is also co-author of the book “We are not ants“. You can follow his updates through his personal Twitter or on the Ideas for Change pages.


CEO and co-founder of STARTUPXPLORE, the largest startup and investor community in Spain, and one of the most active in Europe.

In addition to being an advisor to several startups and investment funds, he has worked as an advisor to dozens of companies and organizations, such as the European Commission, which he combines with his work as a member of the board of BigBAN Angels.

He also writes a blog that has won several international awards related to business and startups, including Best Business Blog in Spanish 2011. On his personal Twitter or on the Startupxplore page you can keep up to date.


Organizators of the Coworking Spain Conference (@CoworkingSpain) and responsible for the online coworking space platform,


Manuel Zea is an architect and founder, in 2006, of the architectural studio In 2007 he opened one of the first coworking centers in Spain: In 2010 he launched the platform, and in 2012 he organized the first Coworking Spain Conference. It is now immersed in the promotion of coworking culture, raising awareness of coworking spaces in Spain, promoting collaboration between spaces and coworkers and the union of all spaces in a common movement.


Community Builder and Project Manager at CREC in Barcelona, where she manages the coworkers community, promoting their ideas and creating synergies inside and outside the center. His role also includes directing those initiatives that link the CREC with other innovative projects, as well as the center’s external relations. His experience as a Product Developer, cultural programmer and freelance industrial designer before coworking spaces existed, gives him a broad vision, emphatic capacity and an essential pragmatism for his current projects. Interested in technology, history, science, and a French bulldog roommate with ideas of his own.


Passionate about knowing how things work and then testing, changing, improving, some call it hacker attitude and others call it innovation. Civilization as we knew it no longer exists, the Internet is changing everything, including how we relate, work and generate value, and coSfera(@cosfera) is your excuse to explore and learn.

Partner in PLANEM, focused on the design and creation of urban habitats with criteria of economic, energetic and environmental sustainability from the territory to the buildings. Catalyst in coSfera, more than a coworking space, a place where things happen: entrepreneurship linked to technological and social innovation.


She is part of the organizational team of the Coworking Spain Conference as well as the coordinator of the Coworking Europe and the Coworking Africa Conference. She never felt comfortable working in the traditional labor market, a concern that inevitably led her to discover the coworking culture and join the movement three years ago. She founded the coworking space Transforma BCN. Passionate about happy working and new collaborative economic models. You can keep up to date with their updates on their personal Twitter.

Seeing this list of incredible speakers makes anyone want to sign up for the Coworking Spain Conference, right? So what are you waiting for?

On the Coworking Spain Conference website you can find all the information you want and need about the meeting.


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