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New services for BCNewt entrepreneurs are here! A coworking space is more than just a table to spend time working at. Sharing resources is a smart way to access certain types of services, which in contrast to the limitations of working at home, allows you to have discounts on important inputs of the day to day life of an entrepreneur.

We have contacted several service providers that will make our work a little easier, in our shared workspace, with discounts on their services that will help you optimize your budget.

We have everything from a print shop to services that help us relax a little after a long day of work in our coworking space, such as the gym. We all know that a healthy body helps us to feel more at ease, and therefore, this has an impact on improving harmony during working hours.

Management services

We start our list of services with Gestoría Condal, located at Avenida Diagonal, 363 2º 1ª. Here they offer legal and tax advice, offering prices and discounts of 10% and more on many of their services. In addition, they have no problem in coming to a meeting with us to explain what we need to know about these issues. Its director, Joan Martínez, who like us started working in a coworking in Barcelona, serves the BCNewt community under special conditions.

The entrepreneurial law firm Delvy Law & Finance also joins the BCNewt lenders. Located in the 22@ District of Barcelona, its objective is to be the point of reference to cover the legal, financial and tax needs of technology startups and disruptive companies. Services for our coworkers are focused on legal advice for entrepreneurs and startups. With discounts of 25% and 20%, Delvy Law & Finance provides its services for the incorporation of limited liability companies, registration of national trademarks, drafting of shareholders’ agreements and adaptation of online platform to the LOPD-LSSICE.


The following service is aimed at BCNewters who live outside Barcelona and need to spend a night in the city, and also to people who visit us when we organize events in the coworking, or clients of our colleagues who come from outside. We are talking about Bed and Beach, a hostel with a ‘no shoes’ policy, with very economical rooms. Our community has a 10% discount on all rooms. It is located only five minutes from the beach. They also have a terrace where you can relax while resting in one of their hammocks.


The Nova Icaria gym, a sports center with great facilities such as heated pool, paddle tennis courts, mini golf course, fitness rooms and directed activities, offers a great discount of 65% on tuition, and a reduced monthly payment for belonging to our coworking in Poblenou. They also offer a one-day free trial so that you can discover the features and facilities they have to offer.

Copy service

We are in a shared workspace in which most of the coworkers are dedicated to communication, image design and audiovisual, therefore, on several occasions we must print work or sketches, cards, flyers, etc.. That is why we have a copy machine and a printer. Copy-service is located very close to the coworking, just a few steps away. a couple of streets, where we have an extensive catalog in which we have several discounts, as well as in the print shop. Gertograf, to which we arrived through our partner Christelle from Le Maritime Studio,which confirms the good quality of their work and the efficiency of this printing company.


Finally, we have decided to facilitate the work of many of our entrepreneurs and small businesses that need to rent audiovisual material for their work, and we have contacted Avisual Pro, an audiovisual rental company with a wide variety of products. The agreement gives us access to the Avisual Pro club card completely free of charge, which includes 5% and 10% discounts, free shipping and pick-up service, access to special promotions for Avisual Pro members. The quality of this service is excellent, as verified by the communication agency All Media Consulting, also present in the BCNewt coworking. One advantage they offer is that they also work on weekends, so if we have to return any material on Saturday or Sunday, there would be no problem at all.

Health care

TripMedic is a multilingual medical search service that allows travelers, expatriates and foreigners to instantly select English-speaking physicians with the right specialty and availability as needed. All it takes is one call to 0034 931 842 166, all free of charge, to banish the loneliness of the sick person instantly.

Coworking traveling

When you want to travel to another part of the world, and you don’t know where to be located with your laptop and a good internet connection, and share ideas with other entrepreneurs like you, the same way you do in BCNewt, then you can consider our partners around the world. So far we have confirmed three coworking spaces in the United States: Modworks(Denver), Ensemble(New York), Indie Desk (Los Angeles) strattera capsule 10mg.

The advantages of this agreement will allow you to:

· Free access to its facilities for 2 days.
· Access to all services with a 10% discount on official prices.
· 3-hour coaching to understand the local context of your locations or cities (accommodation, tax system, etc.).

We will continue working to make this the best coworking in Barcelona and to make it a comfortable workspace and most importantly, a place where we can share a lot of knowledge and ideas. Forever BCNewters!


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