An article by Katja Rossel and Xochitl Wild, coaches at Entrepreneur School – Global Women Entrepreneur Network, organizers of the Free Mini Workshop event for women entrepreneurs, to be held at BCNewt on December 6, 12 and 17.

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Earning money doing what you love is no longer a fairy tale. Today the possibilities of turning your passion and what gives meaning to your life into a business are quite good. In the economic services to come, many people enjoy being served by someone who really loves what they offer. The possibility of achieving balance in the paradox of enjoying our time while earning money is very good.

If you take a look at the United States: in the early 1970s immigrant women had to feed their children without the opportunity to work for the government or Corporate America. Out of necessity, they invented the new venture. These women had as their followers many Americans who lost their jobs as the economy shifted from large corporations to millions of entrepreneurs starting from scratch.

Now, this wave is reaching Europe. And it hit Spain hard. In cases like Germany, for example, there are still many people working for companies. But not for long; it is estimated that many of these jobs will disappear as well. Even the Harvard Business Review mentioned in its publication that at least 250 million jobs in the IT industry will disappear in the next 5-10 years. Machines and computers work faster and better.

The future belongs to people who can provide specialized services. Freelance entrepreneurs start their businesses without capital by using their ingenuity to create pilot projects with people who share their passion. They complete small test projects to see what works and what does not. These freelance entrepreneurs start small, avoiding risks. They create reliable businesses based on activities they enjoy. Your business grows organically, like children learning to walk, one step at a time. Later, you need to build a team to create a strong business force.

One of our students loves to bake cakes. As a pilot project, he offered a cake buffet in his living room one Sunday, using his money. He now offers this service on a regular basis and gets a second source of income in addition to his first facility management business.

Success in business, especially if you are a freelance entrepreneur, requires 80% personal skills and 20% business skills. Think about it: Who wants to collaborate for the long term and grow a strong business together with someone who is always in a bad mood and unreliable? You will also need to know how to recruit and train others with complementary skills to build a business team.

Traditional business schools and universities do their job when they teach business theories. You learn what you need to learn, but no one shows you how to do. Find someone successful who did it and hire an entrepreneur coach who inspires you from their example. They will show you the way to

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