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2014 is almost over, but at BCNewt we know how important your time is. For this reason, during the upcoming holidays in Barcelona and Spain, our shared space will remain open so that you can get the most out of your work without having to leave the coworking space.

We are sorry, but at BCNewt we don’t want to know anything about long weekends or long weekends. If like our coworkers you need to take those days to move forward with your projects, then check out the calendar we have prepared for you. In it you will find the holiday dates and you will be able to organize your time according to your needs. All you have to do is to write down the days that suit you and contact us. Just so you know, BCNewt will be one of the few shared spaces that will be operational during the holidays. Yes, we Newts don’t stop 😉

November and December holiday calendars ©

November and December holiday calendars ©

However, it is clear to us that not everything in life is work. What’s more, good ideas also come at the most unexpected moments. So don’t get overwhelmed and, when you feel like it, relax with the leisure posibilities that our neighborhood has to offer.

During these months, many sites will be open and you can take advantage of them to clear your mind. For example, for those who enjoy the seventh art, the Yelmo Icaria 3D cinemashave an extensive billboard with the latest releases of national and international cinema. And if what you want is to relax for a while after leaving the coworking, have a drink and a bite to eat and even dance a little, less than ten minutes walking from our offices you will find classic Barcelona nightclubs such as the Razzmatazz Pepe Bar, Taberna Sonora or the well known L’Ovella Negra. Come on, if you want to know more, see how many fun things surround us and don’t think twice, let’s cowork 😉

You can contact us. You can also visit our Facebook page and learn more about the day to day life of our coworking space.


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