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Since last summer, BCNewt has been a participant in the office space program Coworking Visa, a passport that currently allows coworkers to interconnect in more than 450 coworking spaces around the world. The initiative was born within the site Coworking Wiki, a space that seeks to bring together coworkers, owners of coworking spaces or shared workspaces to exchange information, views and information about this new way of understanding the shared work.

Lgo de Coworking Wiki © Coworking Wiki

Logo de Coworking Wiki © Coworking Wiki

True to its name, Coworking Wiki is designed so that users are responsible for preparing content and posts to be published. The heavy work falls into the hands of real experts, and only content moderators and reviewers can enable approval. In this sense, the space professes the values of accessibility, collaboration, community, openness and sustainability, all which characterize the coworking philosophy.

What is the Coworking Visa?

The Coworking Visa is an agreement or covenant between coworking spaces and coworkers registered with Coworking Wiki, and it allows active members of a space to use another coworking space around the world at no cost for three days. The terms of use vary according to the parameters established by different members’ areas, but the rules indicated above always remain the same.  Deskmag published an article in 2013 about its usefulness and revolutionary commitment.

Coworkers cowork coworking

Coworkers cowork

The areas listed in the program directory cover cities in Europe, America,  Asia, Africa and Oceania countries. It goes from the United States through Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Morocco and Senegal to China, Japan, Australia or New Zealand. The offer is wide and provides endless opportunities for all coworkers who need to travel and use space anywhere in the globe.

Some coworking spaces that you cannot miss

If you are a coworker at BCNewt or you plan to be and your activities force you to leave Spain, don’t forget to seal your passport with us so we can welcome you into the Coworking Visa. Here are some spaces distributed throughout Europe and the rest of the world that we want to highlight if you start traveling tomorrow.


CoLab-Zürich (Zúrich), Murtinerie (Praís), Coworkingmilan (Milán), Shoreditch (Londres) y WorkInMarques (Lisboa)

CoLab-Zürich (Zúrich), Murtinerie (Praís), Coworkingmilan (Milán), Shoreditch (Londres) and WorkInMarques (Lisboa)

Mutinerie (Paris, France). Paris hosts one of the most modern and fun French coworking spaces: Mutinerie. This company believes in coworking as a way of working untethered and is an ideal space for launching the best ideas and projects.

Launch/CO (Berlin, Germany). An attractive and welcoming coworking space in the capital of Germany. We do not want to describe it, we want you to see it for yourself!

Coworkingmilano (Milan, Italy). This coworking space tailors to the needs of a large European city like Milan. Coworkingmilano has available work rooms, individual or shared spaces, events and community workers and professionals, and it’s committed to one thing: creativity.

Shoreditch Works (London, England, United Kingdom). Found in 2007,  Shoreditch Works can be considered one of the pioneers in terms of UK coworking spaces. Its offices are designed for meetings with entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers in the middle of London city.

Work in Marques (Lisbon, Portugal). Lisbon is also available in Coworking Visa and has offices in Marques. This coworking space has very modern and fresh facilities that will make you want to stay longer than you had originally planned.

CoLab Zürich (Zurich, Switzerland). This is a complete space and full with attractive designs. CoLab -Zürich offices are much more than a coworking space. Here you can work shoulder to shoulder with other coworkers and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

America (North and South)

Kleverdog, SandBox y The Yard (Estados Unidos)

Kleverdog, SandBox y The Yard (Estados Unidos)

The Yard (New York, United States) Located in New York City, The Yard offers 24/7 service at it s headquarters in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They only have one rule: you must promote creativity, collaboration and connection.

Kleverdog Coworking (Los Angeles, United States). Kleverdog offices are located in China Town in Los Angeles, a multi-cultural and historical place of the great Californian city par excellence. This coworking space promises you that you will get much more than a simple desk.

Sandbox Suites (San Francisco, United States). With offices in different parts of San Francisco, Sanbox Suites is one of the most highlighted coworking space in the city.

Areatres (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Areatres has created a space that makes doing your work the most pleasant time of the day. How? It offers a space that combines design, technology and community so you can focus on giving your best.

Urban Station (México DF), Areatres (Buenos Aires) y Nitis Office (Río de Janeiro)

Urban Station (México DF), Areatres (Buenos Aires) and Nitis Office (Río de Janeiro)

Nitis Office (Río de Janeiro, Brazil). A coworking space prepared to offer you the best. Nitis Office is located in one of the most touristy, lively and active cities in the Southern Cone, which is noted for being cosmopolitan and urban.

Urban Station (Mexico City, Mexico).  Urban work stations and offices describe Urban Station,  located in one of the most active and vertiginous cities in the Americas. At is headquarters in Mexico City, this coworking space has all the basic amenities required by modern mobile workers.


AND Inc (Beijing) y Moboff (Tokio)

AND Inc (Beijing) and Moboff (Tokio)

AND Inc (Beijing, China). In Beijing, AND Inc. is the only coworking space that, apart from typical coworking space services, combines architectural design of cafes and offices. In addition, they claim to be the only ones in the whole city with 3D printers. It’s been said designers enjoy it!

Co-Up (Seoul, South Korea). Coworking Co-up, based in Seoul, South Korea, is one of the most intersting spaces in the Asian country.  If you plan to visit the city and need to work during your stay, don’t think twice and seal your passport with them.

Moboff (Tokyo, Japan). Moboff means mobile offices. Your bet is to combine real working spaces (offices), more high-level technology services and the possibility of having a creative and active community.


Latypik (Rabat, Morocco). In Morocco the idea of coworking is taken very seriously. Latypik is a modern space with a lot of design and has shared or individual areas serving all of its coworkers’ needs.


Gravity (Sydney), Latipyk (Rabat) y In Good Company (Wellington)

Gravity (Sydney), Latipyk (Rabat) and In Good Company (Wellington)

Gravity Coworking (Sydney, Australia). Gravity Coworking offers services and an optimal environment for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers who are passing through or working in the Australian capital.

In Good Comapny (Wellington, New Zealand). In Good Company’s eco-green design and premium offices go hand in hand with the amazing landscapes of New Zealand. This coworking space is such a must that you should highly consider it if you’re working in Wellington for a few days.

Coworkers, you know you can talk to us while preparing for your journey and connecting with the listed spaces or others attached in the program!

Also, if curiosity impels you and you want to know about more spaces to do coworking outside Barcelona, you can always check the great interactive map, TheNetworkHub, that has listed offices on the shared Coworking Visa directory.

What are you waiting for? Let’s cowork!


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