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Gustavo Franco

BCNewt is a Coworking space born to revolutionize the pre-established rules of coworking. A modern and fresh project that, despite its novelty, grows through creative exchange and the contributions of its members to mutate. In pure mythological style Newt (Salamander), the versatile amphibian that survives in water and on land, in cold and high temperatures, your ideas can also see the light from the ashes of the fire. Here your projects are capable of succeeding in the face of any adversity.

Located in the heart of the interconnected 22@ District, the epicenter of Barcelona’s urban and technological renovation, BCNewt combines a multi-spatial and dynamic area, with work tables and a meeting room, which allows it to establish a continuous flow of participation and work cooperation. It integrates it fully into social innovation projects that understand the interrelation between professionals as a way for productive growth.

This coworking project aims to strategically interconnect and concentrate intensive activities dedicated to communication, creativity and knowledge. Independent professionals and entrepreneurs from various sectors will be able to share a physical and virtual workspace that will allow them to develop their ideas in an interactive and modern environment.

Free to reserve or express themselves and promote their ideas together, BCNewt is not only a coworking project but a creative den with the spirit of a working space. Like a Newt, capable of adapting to the space around him and facing any kind of adversity, BCNewt is the great metaphor for this new bet of All Media Consulting, a project designed to conceive great ideas and improve them.

What are you waiting for? Let’s co-work!

BCNewt Coworking SL 2022

The first coworking space 100% sustainable in Barcelona.

Logo & Visual Identity: Eleonora Majorana / Photography: Gerardo Angiulli / Web Design: All Media Consulting

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